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PlatformOS - Partnership

Buenos Aires / February 14, 2022 /

Dempathy SAS is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Referral Partnership Agreement with Near Me Marketplaces ("PlatformOS”).

For nearly 10 years PlatformOS has been delivering bespoke multi-sided marketplace for SMBs, entrepreneurs, and enterprises. Founded on a large portfolio of business logic (‘modules’) developed over the years, and delivered as a PaaS and not a SaaS, platformOS is able to offer advanced starting points for multi-sided marketplace initiatives that can then scale in any direction, with no limits.

Thanks to our partnership, Dempathy will be able to offer its customers and partners a wide range of digital transformation opportunities enabled by the PlatformOS PaaS modules, facilitating affordable enterprise-grade products, services, community marketplaces, website business builder solutions, and more.

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